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Do you need a trusted and reliable company to handle the emergency lighting systems in your London home or business premises? If this is you, then you should get in touch with BR3 Electrician Beckenham

We offer various emergency lighting services anywhere in London. Our professional electrical engineers are renowned for delivering high-quality electrical services that leave you with an amazing experience.

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Our emergency lighting and electrical services

Emergency Lighting Systems Installation

BR3 Electrician Beckenham is your best option when you want to install emergency lighting. Although there is no legislation on how to have your emergency lighting installed, it is essential to note that your emergency lighting systems are to adhere to some strict rules of operation.

If your emergency lighting system is not installed correctly to meet the regulations, you could face fines or serve a prison sentence. Hence, it is essential to have the lighting system installed appropriately and meet the basic requirements. 

At BR3 Electrician Beckenham, we are highly skilled and experienced to carry out emergency lighting installation that serves all premises safely. Our emergency lighting installation processes are efficient and comply with various standards including the BS5266 and BS 7671:2008 requirements. 

Emergency Lighting Maintenance

Emergency lighting requires a routine check that involves the testing of emergency lights within a certain setting. As stipulated by the regulations, the check can be a standard monthly or annual testing and be of British standards.

Such testing results in the maintenance of the emergency lighting systems – emergency lights, emergency exit signs, exit lights, escape route lighting, anti-panic lighting, main lighting, standby lighting, and more. 

Due to this, our lighting services also involve carrying out maintenance plans to suit you and meet your building requirements. Upon contact, we set up a maintenance schedule to check out the emergency lighting systems and maintain a working order.

Emergency Electricians Light Repair

As a top-leading company in London, we offer a professional quality service that meets industry standards and helps our clients experience complete peace of mind. We can carry out various emergency lighting work across various regions in London.

Whether it is emergency lighting installation, emergency lighting testing, or emergency lighting maintenance, we offer a great service at competitive rates without minimizing the required standards. 

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to perform various electrical services within communal areas in London. To be more extensive, here are some of the emergency lighting services we offer:

Emergency Lights Testing and Repair

Emergency lighting occurs when the main power supply cuts, thereby preventing illumination from happening.

It could be as a result of a fire accident or the main power fails to supply electricity. When such an incident occurs, there is sudden darkness or a potential threat to the occupants. 
In events like this, emergency lights are required to operate fully and supply a sufficiently high-level illumination to enable the residents to evacuate from the premises safely. To ensure emergency lights function properly, the emergency lighting system is tested monthly to prevent chaos.

BR3 Electrician Beckenham conducts a full-duration test to check whether the luminaries and other signs are actively working. The test is a short functional test in compliance with BS EN 50172:2004 / BS 52668:2004.  

Electrical Services

For many years, our professional electricians have performed various local and national electrical service duties for a wide range of residential and commercial properties, organizations, and industries across London. 

We have the required experience to be at the forefront of the industry and provide the highest quality service as electrical contractors. Whether it is a small wiring job or a major electrical installation, our team of professional electricians is available to help.

Electrical Safety 

We have decades of experience in providing first-class electrical safety services to domestic and commercial premises whether in the south east or north London. 

We are fully licensed and certified by the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contractors (NICEIC) to carry out electrical safety checks and inspections within any property.

These checks act as the legal requirement for occupants and staff and ensure these buildings meet the required regulations. 

Other services

BR3 Electrician Beckenham also provides some electrical services that are related to emergency lighting services. For instance, we help in providing electrical access control systems, installing business security systems, maintaining lighting properties, and more. We also provide fire safety services to our customers that require them. 

Why Choose Us for Emergency Lighting Services?

BR3 Electrician Beckenham offers emergency lighting services, taking over most of the burden of business owners, estate agencies, and registered surveyors alike. Here are some reasons why you should choose us:

Top-Leading Company

We are a registered company in London that specializes in offering emergency lighting installation and testing services to residential and commercial premises. Our processes adhere strictly to British standards and our expert engineers ensure all lighting systems work efficiently.

Highly Qualified Team

We have a team of expert engineers that have achieved a high standard of work. They undergo training that updates them about the latest technologies and methods to ensure all emergency lighting systems are working adequately.

Our price match promise

The cost of our emergency lighting services is budget-friendly. You can contact us to get a free quote from us.

Expert advice

Our professional emergency lighting professionals are continuously charged to provide helpful tips to all our customers that would ensure their safety in any emergency lighting situation.

Emergency Lighting Installation and Testing in London and Surrounding Areas

We offer installation of emergency escape lighting, green led indicator, lightning testing, and maintenance services for residential and commercial properties in London, Kent, and South East.

Frequently Asked Questions

On average, emergency lighting services start at about £60. The cost savings could easily exceed this range in addition to PAT Testing and EICRs included.

Article 13 of the regulations requires emergency routes and exits to be identified and emergency routes or exits require illumination and require suitable emergency lighting if they have not been illuminated.”.

A current UK law requires that a vertical illuminated floor level must be provided on defined escape lines with no minimum of 0.1 lux. A maximum of 50% of the route width is recommended for escape routes up to 2 meters long.

The 2005 regulation relating to fire protection requires all business owners to provide emergency lighting. This will help ensure the safe evacuation of everyone at home if an emergency arises.